Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lush Lush Berry

Bringing you creamy and soft, high quality textured gemstones - the Australian Mookite teardrops. Each stone is uniquely and naturally formed with shades from red to tan to brown. Mookite is known to help one to remain calm and is extremely good to use in negative situations. It's healing power is believed to be for the thyroid gland.

Take it all in! Lush Lush Berry necklace and earrings sets. The simple design is to bring out the stone's natural form. The pendant is accompanied by a single clear AB swarovski crystal. :) ABSOLUTELY NO REMAKES. ONE PIECE IN EACH COLOUR ONLY.

Measurement (earrings): 3.5cm (including hook)
Measurement (pendant): 3cm in height
Measurement (necklace): 42cm in length (just nice for a drop at the collarbone)
Price: RM32.00 per complete set (not to be sold separately)
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Status: Lush Lush Berry 01 - SOLD OUT
Status: Lush Lush Berry 02 - SOLD OUT

Status: Lush Lush Berry 03 - SOLD OUT
Status: Lush Lush Berry 04 - Given away as gift of thanks (Vanessa)

Status: Lush Lush Berry 05 - SOLD OUT
Status: Lush Lush Berry 06 - Given away as gift of thanks (Sharon)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


These pendants are silver plated and studded with Austrian crystals. Don't they just twinkle! :)


Twinkle Heart

Measurement (pendant): 1.8cm across the widest part of the heart, 2.3 in height including bail
Measurement (necklace): 41cm (16.2")
Price (pendant only): RM25.00
Price (with necklace): RM28.00
Status: [6] SOLD OUT

Twinkle Circle

Measurement (pendant): 2.1cm in diametre, 3cm in height including bail
Measurement (necklace): 41cm (16.2")
Price (pendant only): RM25.00
Price (with necklace): RM28.00
Status: [2] SOLD OUT

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Copper Earth

Made with copper jumprings, copper chains, copper filigrees, swarovski crystals and miyuki seed beads, finished with lobster clasp. ONE PIECE ONLY, NO REMAKES

Measurement: 6.6" (including clasp), extension measures 3cm
Price: RM30.00


Copper Earth - Rising Sun
Made with orangy-red swarovski crystals and matching miyuki seed beads

Copper Earth - Pine Forest
Made with olivine green swarovski crystals and matching miyuki seed beads

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

De-stashing Part 2 (for beaders only)

Dearest Beaders / Handmade artisans,

After my de-stash last month (thank you, dear beaders), I am *still* not able to keep all my beads and findings in one place. *sighs* Too many packets and bead strands here and there, loose beads scattered here and there, strings, boxes, tools, books...ughh! You really don't want to walk into my room. Heh, heh! I simply needed a BIGGER table, MORE space, TALLER shelves ... and have to kick my poor poodle out! *giggles*

Anyway, I am de-stashing again (actually in phases, as and when I re-organise my beadstation). I know the Chinese New Year is just a few days away, gosh, and you may not need this now but here they are, over-purchased/over-stocked findings in my possession which I'd like to de-stash at a very, very good price. These items are all new and un-used.

For these items, SHIPPING FEE via Registered Post shall be charged at RM2.00 only. Feel free to email me at beadpot [at] gmail [dot] com. :)


Those who love twisting and coiling, you may find this a useful tool - the Thing-A-Ma Jig (wigjig). I feel very clumsy with this tool. I guess I'm more of a "plier beader" than a "jiggy beader". I bought this from Steve and I have merely just removed the staples to have a look at the contents. Even the wires are still untouched. For you beaders out there, you will know the original selling price. :) So I'm selling it off at a steal. First come first served for confirm reserves only.
Price: RM18.00
Status: SOLD


Economy copper wires (silver only) in 0.8mm only leftover from previous de-stash. These are good to be used as practise wires before you move on to more expensive Artistic Wires for your handmade jewellery. I have since been using Artistic Wires. Only one more left.
Price: RM2.00
Status: 0.8mm - AVAILABLE

These were also leftover from previous de-stash. Metal ear nuts (ear stud stoppers). I only needed a few pairs but had to buy them in a bigger pack!
Price: RM1.50 for 10 pairs (20 pieces)
Status: 1 x 20 pieces - SOLD

9mm gold plated lobster clasps. I misjudged and bought the wrong size. I wanted medium to large but bought small. Silly me! These are great to make individual detachable cute charms for bracelets or stand-alone charms. :)
Price: RM2.00 for 10 pieces
Status: 1 x 10 pieces - SOLD
Status: 1 x 10 pieces - SOLD

Rhodium plated clam shells/calottes. I simply have too many and not using enough...
Price: RM1.50 for 20 pieces
Status: 1 x 20 pieces - AVAILABLE
Status: 1 x 20 pieces - SOLD

3-strand spacers (tibetan silver with leaf and flower). Impulse purchase and have been keeping it for a while. Can't find any use for them in my current designs. :(
Price: RM1.50 x 12 pieces
Status: SOLD


Lotus inspired porcelain coin beads. I bought these when I was in HK. There are 14 pieces left (as shown above).
Price: RM3.00 for all 14 pieces
Status: SOLD

Friday, February 05, 2010


A big thank you to our Reviewer:

For reviewing Be My Valentine @ The Bead Pot:

There is only 1 left unreserved at this point of time. Nonetheless, The Bead Pot is very appreciative of this review. Beadpot usually works on new items over the weekend. So hop on over in the beginning of the week for new items. :)

Thank you for all your continued support and watch this space. :)



A Spanish word that means "girl" or simply translated as "hot chick", Chica bracelets are for the urban you. Choose from 5 colours available. All available for remake! :)

Follow your Heart with a Chica bracelet! :)

Measurement: 7" (including clasp), extension measures 3.5cm
Price: RM28.00 each

Chica cool black - SOLD OUT

Chica baby pink - [4] SOLD OUT

Chica baby blue - [2] SOLD OUT

Chica sexy red - [4] SOLD OUT

Chica neutral khaki - SOLD OUT

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Be My Valentine

With Valentine's Day closing in (not forgetting the Year of the Tiger too!!), here's something you can wear close to the heart. :)

Be My Valentine necklaces are made with lampwork glass pendants in swirly, copper-flecked abstract designs, worn with a simple suede cord which you can adjust to any length of your preference by simply tying into a ribbon at the nape. ONE PIECE ONLY. So hurry! :)

Measurement for Heart: 3.3cm (widest width), 5cm (top down)
Measurement for Cord: 45.5cm (double strand)
Price: RM25.00 each
Status N42: Fiery Red - SOLD OUT
Status N43: Royal Blue - SOLD OUT
Status N44: Classy gold - SOLD OUT
Status N45: Sweet Candy - SOLD OUT