Friday, January 29, 2010


A big thank you to our Reviewer:

For reviewing A Drop in the Ocean sets @ The Bead Pot:

The Bead Pot is very appreciative of this review. Beadpot usually works on new items over the weekend. So hop on over in the beginning of the week for new items. :)

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Monday, January 25, 2010

A Drop in the Ocean

Like a drop in the ocean, these choker necklaces & earrings sets are made from wavy connectors and teardrop beads...

Made with teardrop freshwater pearls for simple elegance...
Price: RM45.00 (USD15)
Status: SOLD
Note: Available for remake

Made with turquoise disc beads, freshwater potato pearls and swarovski AB crystals
Price: RM50.00 (USD17)
Status: [2] SOLD OUT

Made with blood red teardrop glass beads and freshwater potato pearls
Price: RM38.00
Status: [2] SOLD OUT

Sunday, January 24, 2010

De-stashing (for beaders only)

Dearest Beaders / Handmade artisans,

With the Chinese New Year around the corner, I've succumbed to cleaning and reorganising my (beading) workspace and with it, I have some over-purchased/over-stocked findings in my possession which I'd like to de-stash at a very, very good price. These items are all new and un-used.


Economy copper wires (silver only) in 0.8mm and 10.0mm only. These are good to be used as practise wires before you move on to more expensive Artistic Wires for your handmade jewellery. I have since been using Artistic Wires. I only have 3 in my stash.
Price: RM2.00 each
Status: 0.8mm - AVAILABLE
Status: 0.8mm - SOLD
Status: 10.0mm - SOLD

8x8 end crimps for ribbon / suede / leather cords. I simply have too many!!
Price: RM1.00 for 10 pieces
Status: 1 x 10 pieces - SOLD
Status: 1 x 10 pieces - SOLD
Status: 1 x 10 pieces - SOLD

Metal ear nuts (ear stud stoppers). I only needed a few pairs but had to buy them in a bigger pack!
Price: RM1.50 for 10 pairs (20 pieces)
Status: 1 x 20 pieces - SOLD
Status: 1 x 20 pieces - AVAILABLE


1.8mm x 0.7mm white rectangle acrylic beads, flat chewing gum shaped. Bought these in spatula-full when I was in HK. There are 23 pieces left (as shown above).
Price: RM1.50 for all 23 pieces
Status: SOLD

13mm round disc cloisonne in red. Bought these from Steve in a larger-than-usual pack but haven't an idea what to do with them. You can have 'em all 13 pieces (as shown above) for a small fee! :)
Price: RM3.00 for 13 pieces
Status: SOLD

FREE WITH ANY PURCHASE ABOVE: First come first serve basis

Either NF/LF silver fairy charm (1 piece) [ADOPTED]

Or silver bag charms (2 pieces) [ADOPTED]

SHIPPING FEE via Registered Post shall be charged at RM2.00 only.
Feel free to email me at beadpot [at] gmail [dot] com. So hurry! :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pillow Swirls

Simple pillow-shaped (glass) earrings in a wire swirly. Comes in a variety of colours. ONE PAIR ONLY.

Measurement: 4.2cm in length (including hook), 1.5cm in width
Price: RM10.00 each

Click to enlarge

E85 - White (silver)
E86 - Pink (silver)
E87 - Amber (copper)

Click to enlarge

E88 - Red (copper)
E89 - Lilac (silver)
E90 - Blackcurrant (silver)

Click to enlarge

E91 - Lavender (silver)
E92 - Cyan (silver)
E93 - Lime (gold)

Click to enlarge

E94 - Grey (silver)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Yin Set (*customised)

Customised order for Yin. Yin has requested for her matching Yang necklace. :) She is a buyer of my Peaches & Strawberries cuff bracelet and the necklace matches the set. Hope that she'll have a great time at evening formal events this year!! :)

Updated 16 January 2010
Yin received items and wrote:

Dear Beadpot,

Your photo did no justice to the actual is insanely beautiful. I really really love it. Thank you for the impeccable packaging and thank you for putting your heart into making them. The bracelet fits me perfectly. The necklace also. It is as if both were tailor-made.

(I dont mind if you put my comments on your blog...those are my sincere comments)

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Cosmic Collar

Cosmic Collar - Victorian set
Made with a variety of cream & peach shaded beads and faux pearls. This choker necklace matches a tube dress perfectly, where the neck is exposed. :) Comes with matching earrings.

Price: RM45.00
Status: SOLD OUT
Note: One piece only. Absolutely no remake

Cosmic Collar - Metallic set
Made with a variety of metal silver beads, diamente connectors and opalite cube beads. This choker necklace matches a tube dress perfectly, where the neck is exposed. :) Comes with matching earrings.

Price: RM45.00
Status: SOLD OUT
Note: One piece only. Absolutely no remake

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Shipping Fee

Dear Bead Pot fans,

I hope that 2009 has been good to you. Let's usher in 2010 with a cupful of hope and a bucketful of dreams - Happy New Year! :)

Just a quick announcement to inform all that effective 1st January 2010, a shipping fee will be charged at RM3.00 for Registered Post nationwide. However, it shall be FREE for purchases above RM50.00! For those who are wondering, 2009 was a "free shipping" year within West Malaysia.

Note: Those of you who've already ordered remakes from me prior to 1st January (and items still undelivered) will still enjoy free shipping if you're within West Malaysia.

Thank you for all your continued support and DO come back soon for new items in the pot!