Saturday, May 19, 2012


ALL SOLD OUT (thanks for looking)

Unique Eden pin brooches come in 6 pastel colours.
Measurement: 3.7cm x 2.7cm
Status: [50] SOLD OUT


ALL SOLD OUT (thanks for looking)

These tiny Tulips come in 6 colours and can be made into 4 items:
Pin Brooch: [35] SOLD
Ring (adjustable): [4] SOLD OUT
Ear studs: [10pairs] SOLD OUT
Hair clip (alligator): [32] SOLD OUT
[Note: To order, please specify colour/type/quantity]
Each Tulip measures 2cm (length)

Saturday, May 12, 2012


ALL SOLD OUT (thanks for looking)

The classy Clara pin brooch with a single large rose comes in 6 colours.
Measurement: 4cm (length) x 3cm (width)
Status: [100] SOLD OUT


Timpani earrings come in 10 vibrant colours, made with tibetan silver cone and wooden cylinder beads with a sheen. It does look like a mini timpani somewhat.
Measurement: 3.5cm including hook
Price: RM10.00 each
Status: AVAILABLE, [14] SOLD

Timpani bracelet specially made for someone who loved the colours of Timpani earrings. Made with wooden cylinder beads with a sheen flanked by tibetan silver flower discs.
Price: RM28.00

Bronze Clover

Bronze Clover was customised for KR. Made with small faux pearls on a bronze clover frame.
Status: SOLD
(not available for remake)