Sunday, December 27, 2009


I bring to you the Gardenville collection, inspired by the colours of fruits in the garden. This is similar to my Viking collection but this is more subtle, more dainty and exudes a softer, lighter feel...

Gardenville cuff bracelets have a stretchy effect. So, this will fit you if you usually fit a 6.5" to 7.5" bracelet.

Note: Remakes available depending on availability of material at the point of request

Gardenville - Watermelon
Made with tourmaline-shaded mixed seed beads
Price: RM45.00 (USD14)
Status: [5] SOLD

Gardenville - Cherry
Made with red-shaded mixed seed beads
Price: RM38.00 (USD13)
Status: [1] SOLD

Gardenville - ChestnutMade with amber-shaded mixed seed beads, faux pearls and crystal donuts
Price: RM45.00 (USD14)
Status: [3] SOLD

Gardenville - PeachMade with peach freshwater rice pearls, peach & clear swarovski crystals, peach acrylic pearls and peach seed beads
Price: RM55.00 (USD19)
Status: [4] SOLD

Gardenville - Winter Melon
Made with freshwater potato pearls and white seed beads
Price: RM45.00 (USD14)
Status: [4] SOLD

Note: Can be customised with clear/AB swarovski crystals or crystal donuts (extra charges apply)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Giveaway - Get Charmed bracelet

Updated: 25th December 2009
Merry Christmas!! :)

There were 25 entries to my December Giveaway and the winner of the GET CHARMED bracelet is:
Kimberly Chong (including the Pearl Clover silver earrings)

Other winners:
Draw 1: Tanya Lau (gets Zig Zag Pearl drop earrings)
Draw 2: Fasya Hime (gets Splendour Lilac bangle)

In the spirit of Christmas, I drew 2 more winners:
Consolation 1: Ashley Cheah (gets Copper Filigree anklet)
Consolation 2: Venus Sepin (gets Pearly Cream dangle)

Thank you for your participation, dear fans!


Design courtesy of Stephanie who's a very talented artisan herself, especially her polymer clay items. Get Charmed bracelet is handmade by The Bead Pot

This is December 09's Giveaway item - Get Charmed bracelet exclusively for The Bead Pot fans on Facebook only. So what are you waiting for? Become a fan now! :)

How to win this bracelet
1) Log in to The Bead Pot fan page
2) Write in comment box "I want to Get Charmed"
3) Then in brackets next to your comment, name an AVAILABLE item you like
4) Eg: I want to Get Charmed (Icy Blue Warrior Princess)

View AVAILABLE items here:

* Only items marked AVAILABLE

As easy as 1-2-3!! :)
a) I will put all participant names into a bowl on 24th December 2009, 3pm (+8GMT Malaysian time)
b) I will draw 3 lucky names
b) 1st and 2nd names I draw will get their listed AVAILABLE item
c) 3rd name is the Winner and will get the above Get Charmed bracelet INCLUDING the AVAILABLE item

Note: If AVAILABLE item becomes unavailable on 24 December, a replacement item will be suggested

There will be giveaways from time to time. Watch this space!

See all previous giveaways

Thank you for all your support!! *muaks*

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Anklets Galore II

As promised in Anklets Galore Part I, here I am with Part II. :) Hope you like these pieces!

These are made with genuine semi-precious gemstones, finished with a bell. Whole anklet measures 29cm
AK10 (Gift of thanks - Venus): Agate & Citrine - RM15.00
AK11 (Christmas gift - Eliza): Sodalite & Cloud Agate - RM15.00
AK12 (Christmas gift - Teri): Rose Quartz & Cherry Quartz - RM15.00

These are made with light-weight filigrees for the whimsical feel. Whole anklet measures 28cm
AK13 (SOLD OUT): Gold & Bronze - RM20.00
AK14 ([2] SOLD OUT): Silver & Gunmetal - RM20.00
AK15 (SOLD OUT): Copper & Gold - RM20.00
Note: No remakes

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Anklets Galore

Let's not forget our ankles! :) Most of these pieces are one-piece only (unless stated otherwise).

Click on thumbnails for bigger view

These are meant to be worn slightly snug fitted at the ankles. Whole piece measures about 27cm
AK01 (SOLD OUT): Copper Filigree - RM23.00
AK02 (SOLD OUT): Silver Swirls - RM20.00
AK03 (SOLD OUT): Gold Filigree - RM20.00
Note: No more remakes

Made with bronze chain, charm and bells. Whole piece measures 27cm
AK04 (Gift of thanks - Linda): Bronze Butterflies - RM16.00
AK05 (SOLD OUT): Bronze Nature - RM16.00
Note: One piece only. No more remakes

These are meant to be worn slightly snug fitted at the ankles. Made with cloisonne beads with artistic wires and gold chain. Whole piece measures 29cm
AK06 (SOLD OUT): White Cloisonne - RM18.00
AK07 (Gift of thanks - Eva): Green Cloisonne - RM18.00
Note: One piece only. No more remakes

Whole piece measures 29cm
AK08 ([2] SOLD OUT): Silver Seeds - RM15.00
AK09 (SOLD OUT): Gold Seeds - RM15.00
Note: No more remakes

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Dreamy Tiara

This is specially customised for Charlene using a generous amount of freshwater potato pearls and swarovski crystals (AB). My heartiest congratulations to you, dear - may the beach wedding be a dream come true. :)

The Bead Pot suggests a matching cuff bracelet

Thursday, December 03, 2009


A big thank you to our Reviewer:

For reviewing SPLENDOUR bangles @ The Bead Pot:

The Bead Pot is very appreciative of these reviews. Beadpot usually works on new items over the weekend and anklets are on its way!!

Thank you for all your continued support and watch this space. :)


Tuesday, December 01, 2009


December kicks off with something majestic. The Bead Pot presents SPLENDOUR!

SPLENDOUR (olive gold)

Made with olive gold pearl nuggets

Measurement: 4.2cm in height, fits 6.5" - 8" wrists. Bangle is flexible and can be narrowed or widened
Price: RM99.00 (USD33)
Status: [2] SOLD OUT


Made with lilac pearl nuggets

Measurement: 4.2cm in height, fits 6.5" - 8" wrists. Bangle is flexible and can be narrowed or widened
Price: RM79.00 (USD26)
Status: Adopted in the December Giveaway Draw