Friday, June 25, 2010

Take a Break

Dear Bead Pot fans,

Just a quick note to inform all that The Bead Pot will be taking a short break to catch up on some orders.

The Bead Pot will still be replying to emails on remakes, no worries. :) Keep those orders coming in.

See you real soon. :)


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Swarovski-lized! (Part II)

Get swarovski-lized yet again with cuff bracelets made with a generous amount of swarovski crystals in silver-plated artistic wires.

These cuff bracelets fit small to large wrists. It is recommended to wear them slightly snug-fitted. ONE PIECE ONLY - RM85.00 each (USD30)

ALL SOLD OUT (thank you for looking)

Check out Swarovski-lized! (Part I)

All cuffs end with a hook and S-link extensions. The Bead Pot suggests matching earrings with this design, at RM25.00 a pair.

Sapphire Crystal
Status: SOLD OUT

Crystal AB
Status: SOLD OUT

Rose Fuchsia
Status: SOLD OUT

Ruby Siam
Status: SOLD OUT

Olivine Topaz
Status: SOLD OUT

Monday, June 14, 2010


Named after the God of the Sea, Poseidon cuff bracelets are made with miyuki beads, sequins and faux pearls. These wires are uniquely braided into a wave, in colours of the sea - blue and green.

RM35.00 each. ONE PIECE ONLY. Fits 6.5" - 7.5" wrists.

Poseidon in BLUE
Status: SOLD OUT

Poseidon in GREEN
Status: SOLD OUT

Sunday, June 06, 2010


Get swarovski-lized with bracelets made with swarovski crystals in 14k gold-filled wires (also known as emas suasa in malay) and 14k ball spacers. All bracelets ends with a 14k bolt clasp (as shown on the right).

Bracelets can be customised to your wrist size for better fit. Additional 1-2 crystals will be at no extra charge. Additional 3 crystals and above will be charged accordingly.

Swarovski Bicones 6mm - RM40.00 each

Plain crystal clear (RM35.00) - [4] SOLD
3 shades of pink - [2] SOLD
3 shades of purple - [1] SOLD
3 shades of green - AVAILABLE
3 shades of blue/turquoise - [2] SOLD
Note: Bicones are also great as anklets. Anklets will be priced from RM60 and above

Swarovski Round 6mm - RM50.00 each

Black and white - SOLD OUT
2 shades of green - SOLD OUT
2 shades of brown - SOLD OUT
2 shades of copper - SOLD OUT

Swarovski Donuts 6mm - RM65.00 each

2 shades of blue - SOLD OUT
2 shades of purple - SOLD OUT
Dark pink and crystal AB - SOLD OUT
Light pink and crystal AB - SOLD OUT
2 shades of copper - [2] SOLD OUT

Swarovski Helix 8mm - RM85.00 each

Crystal AB - [3] SOLD (remakes possible)
2 shades of Copper - [2] SOLD (remakes possible)
Dark Red - SOLD OUT
Amethyst - SOLD OUT
Light Blue - SOLD OUT
Light Green - SOLD OUT
Jet and Black Diamond - [1] SOLD (remakes possible)

Swarovski Round 10mm with (freshwater) Pearl Balls - RM60.00 each

Olivine Green - SOLD OUT
Copper - SOLD OUT
Crystal AB - SOLD OUT

Swarovski Twist 14mm - RM85.00 each

Jet and Black Diamond - [2] SOLD OUT
Amethyst and Light Rose - [2] SOLD OUT

Swarovski Twist 18mm (*customised)

This is a customised long necklace measuring 37" made with Swarovski Twist beads (18mm) in crystal copper and crystal golden shadow