Friday, December 13, 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness

This is a simple 5-strand bracelet made with genuine pink leather cord and 4 antique silver charms, ends with a lobsters clasp and an extension, fits all sizes. This item is EXCLUSIVE for the Breast Cancer Survivors & Warriors Group, Malaysia (BCSW).

If you'd like one for yourself or your loved ones, be part of BCSW and buy one with a minimum pledge of RM20 each. It is a not-for-profit item and a not-for-profit group, however, pledges of any amount in exchange for this pretty bracelet would be a tremendous help to raise minimal funds for printing costs of promotional leaflets/brochures/BCSW name cards to be distributed to hospitals, which are then passed on to existing/newly diagnosed patients.

As we know not all patients are able to find the time, heart and energy to meet up with people immediately after diagnosis. Some people take time to open up and this online support group offers them the space to keep their privacy.

Breast Cancer Survivors & Warriors Group, Malaysia is a Malaysian support group for women (ONLY) who are fighting/have fought breast cancer and for their friends and family members. Content and discussion is localized to a very South East Asian context, and discusses treatment options in Malaysia / Singapore, life during treatment, after treatment and long term maintenance from a Malaysian point of view.

I know it is not October nor is it Pink Ribbon month but being aware of breast cancer only in October or by just wearing a pink ribbon doesn't show any significance, don't you think? C'mon ladies, breast cancer is on the rise. Be aware. Be educated. All year round, everyday, every second. So do you know enough about breast cancer? Ask yourselves and ponder for a minute ...

Monday, December 02, 2013

Beader's Bottle Giveaway

December 2013: It's been a while since I held any Giveaways. This month, I would like to revive that by giving away ONE Beader's Bottle EVERY WEEK in December. The Bead Pot has been kept really busy with orders in the past year and is really appreciative of your support. Below are the details on how to win yourself the Beader's Bottle.

How to win yourself a bottle? In 3 simple steps!
1) Log into The Bead Pot page and click "Like"! Support handmade!
2) "Share" the Beader's Bottle of the week with other fellow beaders on your facebook timeline and make it public. Participants whose Shares cannot be viewed, will be disqualified.
3) Check out the description of the "Beader's Bottle" of the week and do what it instructs.

What is in the Beader's Bottle?
Each bottle is colour-themed, as you can see, and it contains all sorts of beads in all sorts of shapes - crystals, howlite, faux pearls, freshwater pearls, gemstones, resin, glass. It also contains all sorts of findings - jump rings, clasps, earring hooks, spacers, charms, chains, filigrees. Just one word to describe the Beader's Bottle: EXCITING! And you get to keep the glass jar with lid as well (but of course!)

When do you start participating?
Starting 2nd December 2013 until 30th December 2013 (11.59pm GMT+8)

Terms & Conditions
1) Winners who are Malaysians residing in Malaysia will be entitled to Free Shipping (via courier services). Winners outside of Malaysia may bear shipping fees payable via Paypal, depending on location, a MAX charge of USD8 (only) as each Beader's Bottle is heavy. Thank you for your understanding.
2) STRICTLY for beaders and crafters only, otherwise, you won't have any use/need for the contents in the Beader's Bottle.
3) As many entries as you wish but can only win ONE Beader's Bottle of your choice.
4) The 5 winners will be announced at The Bead Pot fan page on 31st December 2013 (I will be using a random generator to pick the winners).
5) A PM will be sent to winner's FB inbox for shipping arrangement (name, address and number).

There will be giveaways from time to time. Watch this space!

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Thank you for supporting handmade!! *muaks*