Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year 2012

Hello everybody,

Shall we clink our glasses tonight and say cheers? Here's wishing all (who visits and patronises The Bead Pot) a Happy New Year. Oh what is in store for 2012? Let's close the door to 2011 and find out tomorrow onwards!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More Baby Gaga

ALL SOLD OUT (again). Thank you dear customers!

Due to popular demand, Baby Gaga (first batch) was a sold out! So here they are again, the return of Baby Gaga sets in different designs.

Necklace and bracelet set for girls - made with wooden beads, lightweight and colourful. All beaded at random ... RM10 per set only. :)

Status love: [16] SOLD
Status twinkle: [3] SOLD

Status hello kitty: [10] SOLD
Status tortoise: [9] SOLD

Status sunflower: [8] SOLD
Status fireworks: [11] SOLD

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Frosty Christmas

With Christmas just days away, Frosty Christmas is just so apt to wish all a Merry Christmas.

This bracelet is a customised "charmy" bracelet. Charms include:
a) 3 types of snowflake charms
b) Leaf charm
c) Flower charm
d) "Peace" Doves
e) "Made with a Smile" Sun charm
f) "Made for an Angel" Angel charm
g) Small freshwater pearls
h) Teardrop light blue beads

Measurement: 7" (fits average sized wrists)
Price: RM50.00
Status: [4] SOLD
Note on 22/12: Am not making this anymore since Christmas is just a few days away. Till next year!

Such a great bracelet to end the year with :) Here's wishing all The Bead Pot fans a MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Friday, December 09, 2011

More Flower Power

More basic and simple necklaces with a statement piece pendant. Made with silver-plated link chain and/or black organza ribbon with leather cords, finished with a lobster hook.

Flower Power - Sunflower
Measurement (cord): 17.5"(extension measures 5cm)
Measurement (flower): 3.6cm x 3.6cm
Price: RM15.00
Status: [3] SOLD OUT

Flower Power - Clover Holly
Measurement (cord): 17.5"(extension measures 5cm)
Measurement (flower): 4cm x 3.5cm
Price: RM15.00
Status: SOLD OUT

Flower Power - Dainty Flower (single layer)
Measurement (chain): 16"
Measurement (flower): 3cm x 3cm
Price: RM15.00

Flower Power - Dainty Flower (double layer)
Measurement (chain): 16"
Measurement (flower): 3.5cm x 3.5cm
Price: RM15.00

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Nest

These "nests" were customised pendants for 2 mothers-to-be, representing their upcoming bundles of joy. Hope they like it!

The Nest is made with a single 10mm genuine swarovski cream pearl, non-tarnish silver wires and a single bird charm. Comes with a link necklace.

Priced at RM18.00 each, they make a good gift to friends who are expecting. :)
Status: [3] SOLD

Friday, November 25, 2011

Press Pause

Dear The Bead Pot fans,

This is a quick announcement to inform all that the Pot is brewing vigorously with overwhelming orders for the Christmas season.

Therefore, I will not be taking anymore orders for customised and remake items until the end of the year. However, enquiries for available items and any orders with a deadline of February 2012 onwards are always welcomed.

The Bead Pot apologises for the inconvenience caused. :) Thank you so very much for your continuous support. The Bead Pot will be back with new items real soon.

Watch this space!

All love and hugs,
The Bead Pot

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Giveaway - Pearl & Swarovski Earrings

Updated 2 December 2011

Participation for this Giveaway closed at 11:59pm, 1st December. My little one has drawn names the next morning and winners are listed below.

Status - Cream pair I (Selena Tan)
Status - Cream pair II (Siew Kuan)
Status - Cream pair III (Felicia Suah)
Status - Cream pair IV (Melina Wong)
Status - Cream pair V (Lisa Chong)

Status - Peach pair I (Nicole Lee)
Status - Peach pair II (Sharon Siew)
Status - Peach pair III (Ong Tee Mei)
Status - Peach pair IV (Li Li Teoh)
Status - Peach pair V (Eva Liew)

Kindly drop me an email at beadpot[at]gmail[dot]com to give me your local address and mobile number. If you're attending the 4th December Pot Luck gathering, kindly let me know by 3pm today (2 Dec), ok? :)

Thank you all, for your participation and watch this space for more giveaways!!

See all previous giveaways


This is December 2011's Giveaway item - Pearl & Swarovski Earrings

With Christmas just around the corner and in appreciating all mummies who support breastfeeding, The Bead Pot is giving away TEN pairs (5 pairs in cream and 5 pairs in peach) exclusively to members of two forums/groups (residing in Malaysia only):
1) The Breastfeeding Advocates Network
2) Mummies Connect Everyday Here

How to win yourself a pair? In 3 simple steps!
1) Become The Bead Pot fan and support handmade! :)

2) Log in to The Bead Pot fan page
3) In The Bead Pot's latest status/post, describe your breastfeeding journey in ONE word. Eg: Joyous

When do you start commenting?
Starting 23rd November 2011 until 1st December 2011

Terms & Conditions
1) Only 1 comment per member
2) Ten winners will be announced in the forums, The Bead Pot fan page and on this blog (I will let my 6mo LO draw 10 names from the pot on 2nd December)
3) A message will be sent to your FB inbox for shipping arrangement. No fret, there will be no shipping fee :)
4) With the free shipping fee, that explains why this is only opened to those residing in Malaysia only. Sorry mummies who are not in Malaysia, ya?
5) Every member in the groups can participate, be it still BF, no longer BF or going to BF (as long as member)... :)

Thank you for supporting my handcraft!! *muaks*

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Hello Kitty

ALL SOLD OUT (thanks for looking)

Hello Kitty is such a hit these days - with adults and kids alike. So here's one bracelet that will fit all sizes and all ages :) Bracelet is handmade with non-tarnish silver wires with Sanrio Hello Kitty charms adorned with peachy pink faux pearls and peachy pink crystals for that bling. For the girly girl in you... :)

Price: RM28.00
Status: [9] SOLD OUT

This particular Hello Kitty bracelet is customised for J, whose daughter loves colours. :) Hope she likes it!
Status: [6] SOLD OUT

Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Quick Update

Wow, it's been almost a month. Sorry for the lack of posts and new items but in actual fact, I have been meeting many remake requests and also a few customised orders, which I have forgotten to snap a photo of, forgetful me, all except for one which the delivery date is tomorrow. Thank you for contacting me directly, you know who you are. Apart from that, I am currently making children's bracelets for a charity drive. So I shall be a liiiiiiitle busy until, hopefully, for another 2 weeks or so...

Here's the customised bracelet of The Viking - Cream which I have completed, wrapped, packed and ready to be delivered tomorrow. More of this collection can be found here.

Thank you for dropping by my site and new items should be on its way soon *fingers crossed* :)

Saturday, October 01, 2011


Updated on 6 October
Entwined necklaces have been spotted & reviewed by none other than A Shopaholic's Den. A big THANK YOU! :)


These necklaces are entwined with non-tarnish silver wires in genuine swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones. These adorn the neckline wonderfully when you are dressed in a simple plain dress with either a plunging neckline or a high boat neck.

Measurement: 17 inches (comes with a lobster clasp and 3cm extension)
Price: RM90.00
Entwined Peach - Howlite chips, peach and clear swarovski crystals, peach-dyed freshwater pearls, peach beads
Status: SOLD

Entwined Coral - Red coral chips, AB clear swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls
Status: [2] SOLD

Entwined Turquoise - Turquoise chips, AB clear swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls
Status: [2] SOLD

Monday, August 22, 2011

Ring O Rosette

Ring O Rosette bracelet is just as its name suggests. Made with silver, gold and copper jumprings, twined into little rosettes, finished with a copper lobster clasp and a "Made for an Angel" angel charm.

Measurement: 7" including hook, extension measures 2cm
Price: RM35.00
Status: [2] SOLD

Friday, July 29, 2011

Bold Motif

My supplier recently brought in some large-ish, light-weight metal pieces in various shapes with flower motifs on them. I was so attracted to these bold pieces, I couldn't leave them behind when I left the shop with my purchases. So I grabbed a dozen of 'em, attached ear hooks and here they are, some bold motif earrings in Silver, Gun Metal or Bronze colours. Measures about 4-6cm in diametre. RM4.00 each pair only.


[Click to view larger image]

Heart Silver - SOLD OUT
Heart Gunmetal - SOLD OUT

Teardrop Silver - Given away as gift of thanks (Ash)
Teardrop Gunmetal - SOLD OUT

Oval Silver - SOLD OUT
Oval Bronze - SOLD OUT

Geometrical Silver - SOLD OUT
Geometrical Bronze - SOLD OUT

Round Swirl Silver - SOLD OUT
Round Swirl Bronze - Given away as gift of thanks (Anne)

Round Flower Silver - SOLD OUT
Round Flower Bronze - SOLD OUT

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Pre-loved handbags for sale

Updated 21 July: Thank you for your patronage, dear fans. These pre-loved bags are SOLD OUT

Note: This post is not related to handmade accessories

Dear The Bead Pot fans,

As you all know, The Bead Pot moved house recently and upon clearing and unpacking, some of these petite/dinner handbags which were kept in GOOD CONDITION (used once or twice only) were found. The Bead Pot is letting them go at a bargain. These bags can be sent via Poslaju (one day delivery) only (read Shipping & Delivery).

1) Caramel Handbag
Caramel coloured, small handbag made from synthetic leather with matt bronze studded details. FRONT and BACK view below. Comes with internal zipper, a mobile slot and magnetic button clasp. Scratch free.
Price: RM20.00 only
Status: SOLD

Approx measurement (in inches):
8.2(L) x 7.5(H) excluding handle x 2(W)
Including handle is 14inches

2) AXXEZZ Criss-Cross Shoulder Bag
Matt & shiny black, quite a unique design with criss-cross pvc pieces overlapping shiny black pvc material. BACK and FRONT identical. Comes with internal zipper and magnetic button clasp. The inside of the bag is sponge-lined. Some scratches can be seen on the pvc pieces (below) but otherwise, it's in tip top condition.
Price: RM30.00 only (original price was above RM400.00)
Status: SOLD

Approx measurement (in inches):
10(L) x 8(H) excluding handle x 1.5(W)
Including handle is 18inches

3) Louis Vuitton Epi Leather (Lilac)
This is a LOUIS VUITTON high quality replica of Epi Leather design in lilac. FRONT and BACK identical. Made from GENUINE LEATHER. Magnetic button clasp. Scratch free and comes with dustbag.
Price: RM40.00 only
Status: SOLD

Approx measurement (in inches):
11(L) x 7(H) excluding handle
Including handle is 14.8inches

4) Mother-of-Pearl (MOP) Dinner Bag
This MOP handbag/dinner bag was bought in Vietnam. The entire bag is made with each Mother-of-Pearl squares. Handle made from tortoise shell. Comes with internal zipper and magnetic button clasp. Front and back identical. Scratch free.
Price: RM30.00 only
Status: SOLD

Approx measurement (in inches):
7.4(L) x 6(H) excluding handle x 2.6(W) base
Height including handle is 9inches