Monday, July 26, 2010

Vine Tiara

Vine tiara is fully handmade (including the base), using a generous amount of faux cream pearls, swarovski crystals and stardust beads. The vine is made with freshwater teardrop pearls, donut crystals and a combination of the rest. The ends come with a ribbon. Can be removed if not needed. Twisted with silver plated wires.

The Vine Tiara is customised for Hani's cousin who is getting married in September. My heartiest congratulations to her. :)

The Bead Pot suggests a matching bracelet. This bracelet can be found here.

View Dreamy Tiara

Sunday, July 25, 2010

During the break

Hello all,

The Bead Pot has been on a break for a month now and it has been a busy month - orders, re-organising work bead space and a new house. Anyway, there were few customised items and many remakes. Thank you all for your support.

Among the many remake items were:

Many pairs of earrings, some repeats, some new

Many lampwork pin brooches

Many pairs of glass pearl pin brooches

And a tiara...which I will post later. The Bead Pot shall be back soon with new items in the pot. :)

The Bead Pot