Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Divine Diamond

At long last, we have finally moved into the new house, unpacked and opened (almost) all the boxes, settled in, celebrated the Chinese New Year - but there is still lots of tidying up to do. Nonetheless, nothing shall keep me away from my tools and wires any longer. The need to hold, feel and twirl my beads, wires and tools is apparent. Ahaks! So came Divine Diamond today :)

Divine Diamond is designed using a customer's leftover pearls. Upon request, she wanted it shaped a diamond, resembles a large hoop and glamorous. I have matched it with swarovski crystals and seed beads to give this pair of earrings a little sparkling glamour. Can be worn to/for a wedding or to a lavish dinner. Fit for a bride, a princess and a classy lady. Hope she likes it.