Friday, July 29, 2011

Bold Motif

My supplier recently brought in some large-ish, light-weight metal pieces in various shapes with flower motifs on them. I was so attracted to these bold pieces, I couldn't leave them behind when I left the shop with my purchases. So I grabbed a dozen of 'em, attached ear hooks and here they are, some bold motif earrings in Silver, Gun Metal or Bronze colours. Measures about 4-6cm in diametre. RM4.00 each pair only.


[Click to view larger image]

Heart Silver - SOLD OUT
Heart Gunmetal - SOLD OUT

Teardrop Silver - Given away as gift of thanks (Ash)
Teardrop Gunmetal - SOLD OUT

Oval Silver - SOLD OUT
Oval Bronze - SOLD OUT

Geometrical Silver - SOLD OUT
Geometrical Bronze - SOLD OUT

Round Swirl Silver - SOLD OUT
Round Swirl Bronze - Given away as gift of thanks (Anne)

Round Flower Silver - SOLD OUT
Round Flower Bronze - SOLD OUT

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Pre-loved handbags for sale

Updated 21 July: Thank you for your patronage, dear fans. These pre-loved bags are SOLD OUT

Note: This post is not related to handmade accessories

Dear The Bead Pot fans,

As you all know, The Bead Pot moved house recently and upon clearing and unpacking, some of these petite/dinner handbags which were kept in GOOD CONDITION (used once or twice only) were found. The Bead Pot is letting them go at a bargain. These bags can be sent via Poslaju (one day delivery) only (read Shipping & Delivery).

1) Caramel Handbag
Caramel coloured, small handbag made from synthetic leather with matt bronze studded details. FRONT and BACK view below. Comes with internal zipper, a mobile slot and magnetic button clasp. Scratch free.
Price: RM20.00 only
Status: SOLD

Approx measurement (in inches):
8.2(L) x 7.5(H) excluding handle x 2(W)
Including handle is 14inches

2) AXXEZZ Criss-Cross Shoulder Bag
Matt & shiny black, quite a unique design with criss-cross pvc pieces overlapping shiny black pvc material. BACK and FRONT identical. Comes with internal zipper and magnetic button clasp. The inside of the bag is sponge-lined. Some scratches can be seen on the pvc pieces (below) but otherwise, it's in tip top condition.
Price: RM30.00 only (original price was above RM400.00)
Status: SOLD

Approx measurement (in inches):
10(L) x 8(H) excluding handle x 1.5(W)
Including handle is 18inches

3) Louis Vuitton Epi Leather (Lilac)
This is a LOUIS VUITTON high quality replica of Epi Leather design in lilac. FRONT and BACK identical. Made from GENUINE LEATHER. Magnetic button clasp. Scratch free and comes with dustbag.
Price: RM40.00 only
Status: SOLD

Approx measurement (in inches):
11(L) x 7(H) excluding handle
Including handle is 14.8inches

4) Mother-of-Pearl (MOP) Dinner Bag
This MOP handbag/dinner bag was bought in Vietnam. The entire bag is made with each Mother-of-Pearl squares. Handle made from tortoise shell. Comes with internal zipper and magnetic button clasp. Front and back identical. Scratch free.
Price: RM30.00 only
Status: SOLD

Approx measurement (in inches):
7.4(L) x 6(H) excluding handle x 2.6(W) base
Height including handle is 9inches