Tuesday, December 25, 2012

An update: Blogshop (still) closed

Dear The Bead Pot fans,

Our humble apologies for the lack of updates *still*. The house renovations are progressing well, however, it is obvious that we are unable to move in before Christmas. Well, let's just say that the contractors have delayed the renovation works by almost a month (too extensive, they say). We doubt that we can even move in by New Year's eve. 

So here we are informing all fans that EVERYTHING is *still* boxed-up in storage including all beads & tools and we are *still* not able to take in ANY orders until everything is transported back from storage to the new house, unpacked and settled.

From the looks of it, end of January 2013 looks more promising. Sighs!!! Even then, nothing is confirmed.

Meanwhile, here's wishing The Bead Pot fans a Merry, Joyous & Blessed Christmas. Don't forget us! :)