Sunday, June 20, 2010

Swarovski-lized! (Part II)

Get swarovski-lized yet again with cuff bracelets made with a generous amount of swarovski crystals in silver-plated artistic wires.

These cuff bracelets fit small to large wrists. It is recommended to wear them slightly snug-fitted. ONE PIECE ONLY - RM85.00 each (USD30)

ALL SOLD OUT (thank you for looking)

Check out Swarovski-lized! (Part I)

All cuffs end with a hook and S-link extensions. The Bead Pot suggests matching earrings with this design, at RM25.00 a pair.

Sapphire Crystal
Status: SOLD OUT

Crystal AB
Status: SOLD OUT

Rose Fuchsia
Status: SOLD OUT

Ruby Siam
Status: SOLD OUT

Olivine Topaz
Status: SOLD OUT

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