Sunday, March 22, 2009

Customisations completed

Customisations completed over the weekend. Buyer has requested for each bracelet to cost RM12.00. Thank you for your support, Ave.

Status: [8] SOLD (all made-to-order)

Material used (from left to right)
Green: Fresh water pearl nuggets in gold-olive colour, Matsuno frosted seeds, silver flower bead caps and 5mm acrylic bicones in peridot
Cream: Faux pearls in cream, Matsuno seeds, silver flower connectors and clear crystal gemstones
Red: Dyed red coral, black faux pearls, Matsuno frosted seeds and 4mm acrylic bicones in ruby
Silver: 10mm silver beads between silver flower bead caps, sunflower pewter charms, antique silver jewellery chain
Blue: Sodalite gemstones, gold metal beads and spiral leaves in gold
Red: Dyed red coral, gold metal beads and spiral leaves in gold
Purple: Amethyst gemstones, silver metal beads and spiral leaves in silver

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  1. Hi Ave, thank YOU for your support. :) More nice things coming soon...just need some time.